Couples In Recovery


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The Couples In Recovery program is intended to help the recovering couple bring serenity and peace into their home and relationship.



 Welcome to Couples in Recovery. Simply put, we are a 12-step based recovery group for couples who are in a committed relationship. One or both partners in the coupleship attend individual 12-step recovery groups, and together they desire to strengthen their relationship through recovery. That is where our group comes in

*  We share what we were like, what  happened and what we are like now, and as a result of our meetings we have come to believe some basic facts about couples learning to live together in recovery.

*  We believe  couples need to know they are not alone in the marital confusion resulting from sobriety.

*  We believe couples in recovery deserve the opportunity to create a mutually satisfying relationship.

*  We believe we need other couples as role models to show us how to integrate and cultivate healthy relationships.

*  We believe a meeting where both partners are equal affirms them as a couple.

*  We believe we can learn to be intimate, as the by product of  working this program in all our mutual affairs.

*  We believe the recovery within our coupleship supports our individual recovery.

* We believe  having a recovering couple as a coupleship sponsor gives us time and conditions necessary to explore our personal problems. 

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